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Originally posted by OUTBREAK_YOKO
I would edit this for the ub+4 one. But I would really recommend df+3. It is safe, high crushes, KND on hit (if you are off axis on the wall), and wallplats.

Yes it is still NCc but in my opinion, juggles can't connect because when f+1 hits them they actually is being pushed away. Sorry for poor English It's like Chreddy's ff+2,3. Juggles will be consistent if the ff+2 is blocked and 3 connects. But when both hits (CH) the juggle will be inconsistent since ff+2 pushes the opponent to your right. But I'm not sure if juggles can still connect even on [f+1],4. Will edit this ASAP.

Lol yeah it will really suck when d+3+4 doesn't jail like it does in T5.0. But it still jails. I am not really good at probability of damage, but I'm sure it is deducted by 4 to 8.

b+2,4,3 is taggable.

I didn't yet tried the properties of db+2, but I'll edit this again .

If b+2,4,3 is taggable then that means d/f+2, 4, dash 1+4, b+2,4,3~5 w! is going to be in full effect...p.s. try d/f+2, d/b+4,3~5. I have a sinking feeling you should still have time to b! as your partner for the rest of the combo.

I mentioned u/b+4 off 3~4 cancel because u/b+4 can be done from FC, which I was under the assumption that canceling 3~4 ends in FC. It's also a low crush and is tricky because if someone just sees a hop-kick and instantly tries to punish using normal means they're going to eat that wall anyway. Also, due to the hitbox and how far it jumps back, most jab attempts whiff vs it anyway and they still eat the wall splat. Also, it's a KND on any hit, but if they hit wall you get a full combo, it's the only time you do off u/b+4.

Basically, if you're using it as a mix-up with 3~4, you'll have to CC to do d/f+3. That's why u/b+4 suddenly becomes a great option to use. They duck in anticipation of that 3~4 and eat that u/b+4, since none of asuka's other mid wall splat options from FC are safe on block (ws+1,4 would be, but they can duck the 4).

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