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Originally posted by Brennan
If I recall correctly, you can do df+1+2.1 after b+2.1.d+2 in BR to a mini juggle of sorts (better if close to the walls to a high wall splat and B!). Can you if Ganny can still do this, aviax?

Also, some minor questions (plus a few of them that I already asked in his BR forum):

- uf+1+2 - is still safe?
- d+1+2 - has the move changed at all? Still +1 on block with zero tracking?
- df+3 - the kick seemed a little faster in some videos that I watched. Could be my eyes playing tricks on me, but can you check its startup (if is the same as BR or not?)
- Jabs are still i12?

Thanks in advance, aviax. You're doing a great job informing us about Ganny.

In order:

- nothing from BR is possible with the new trip finisher. Something like u/f+3+4 might be, but I haven't checked.
- u/f+1+2 appears to be as safe as it ever was, but that could be influenced by the fact that everyone 'knows' it's safe. IOW, I can't officially guarantee this, but it really seems so.
- Not noticing any differences with d+1+2 either, but, again, no one seems to act as if it's any different, which may be messing with perceptions.
- No info on this. Will check.
- Yep

Originally posted by FlyMikey

Yo, one way to verify if they changed b+1+2 on normal hit is to see if you can still get a free f+2 afterwards. T6BR headbutt on regular hit allows you a guaranteed f+2 if they quickroll the knockdown in any way. Nobody just lays there after b+1+2.

They took full combo away from b+2,1->d+2?!? Why? The extensions (outside of combos) became useless shortly after the game dropped. Too telegraphable to be a mixup. So if someone wants to WATCH me low sweep them then I should be handsomely rewarded. Ugh....

Please tell me that d/b+2 wasn't nerfed in the same way. Slow ass punishable by death move turned gamebreaker if placed well. Like on ranged open ground whiff punishes. Namco please dont fuck with my shitty moves and make them completely worthless.

Did they change b+2,1->2 properties? Hell, does it even still knockdown??? The positioning it places oppnent allows for them to at least wake up BT on one more. Or a third if they dont lay there. But if they do, good.

I'm bitching but Ganryu didn't need to take ANY hits, let alone nerfs on shit that never really was used. I still want someone to tell me what they made beefier. How has he been touched in a good way(lol)? Any confirmation yet that f,f+2 is indeed safe? Where the fuck is the good news?

- Thanks for the idea on the b+1+2 thing. I'll try it out. I expect it will work, since that animation is unchanged. It's the CH effect only that is different.

- FWIW, d/b+2 is the same relatively lousy trip it always has been, but at least you can still juggle off it.

- The mid finisher is also unchanged.

- Also, FWIW, the whole string appears to have been speeded up. Even in terms of recovery: I got b,2,1, HHS to come out so smoothly it was almost as if it were a string unto itself.

(Also, I would agree with you overall regarding the idea that Ganny didn't need to be nerfed, in the final balance)

That said, I have a bit of good news, and some more bad:

- ws+3_u/f+3 - no longer causes any kind of crumple. Either will knock the opponent away. Damage seems to be better, tho'. I just realized I should try to confirm that ws+3 is still high. If it is, it is more or less completely pointless now, which would be a real shame.

- u/f+2,1+2 - NCc, and decent juggle finisher. Sample: d/f+2,1,2,1,(2),1, 2,1,2(b!), u/f+2,1+2 all hits, and is dead easy to execute. Next thing to check out is the FA situation on u/f+2 with NH. Oh, and if this is NCc-confirmable (I think it just might be, in a way similar to Miguel's two-hit homing combo).

- For better or worse, ws+2 always juggles the same height now. I think this is part of the overall trend with the game to encourage tag interaction - keeping the height uniform makes tag juggles more predictable, as well as making it more difficult for Ganny to win on his own (he's hardly the only character to have this kind of modification to a move effect - I think almost everyone has had this happen to them). Oh, and the uniform height is the same as the current NH.

- At least once I got f+3+4(CH), f+3+4 to connect while the opp's feet were still falling to the ground, so there's that.

Oops! Almost hit 'submit reply' before replying to sandilord's TA question (using d/f+1+2,1 rather than d/f+1,4>1): Haven't checked it yet, but I would say your idea would probably work with many characters. Still, the pushback and/or flip-over of the last 1 might make it difficult for some chars to continue the juggle effectively beyond maybe one more hit.
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