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If I recall correctly, you can do df+1+2.1 after b+2.1.d+2 in BR to a mini juggle of sorts (better if close to the walls to a high wall splat and B!). Can you if Ganny can still do this, aviax?

Also, some minor questions (plus a few of them that I already asked in his BR forum):

- uf+1+2 - is still safe?
- d+1+2 - has the move changed at all? Still +1 on block with zero tracking?
- df+3 - the kick seemed a little faster in some videos that I watched. Could be my eyes playing tricks on me, but can you check its startup (if is the same as BR or not?)
- Jabs are still i12?

Thanks in advance, aviax. You're doing a great job informing us about Ganny.