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Going by the info in the Asuka confirmed changes thread...

Is u/b+4 still safe? It was -10 in T6, but the push-back + the hop-back made it un-touchable by literally anyone. It's just that out-side of wall it was physically impossible to combo off of it, though if someone tried to punish you it was a free f+2 all day long. 3~4 cancel u/b+4 at wall is going to drive people bananas. Completely safe mid splat option.

Also, is f+1,d+4 still a NCc? If that's the case, the fact that they changed it to give the same knockdown as 3~4 means CH f+1 is now technically a launcher, as CH f+1,d+4, ws+4, dash 1+4, d/b+4,3 should combo. Also, if d/b+4,3~5 still works you MAY be able to get even more damage off of it... Perhaps JC iWR+1? That's a HUGE buff for Asuka to be honest if it works like it did in T6, since you can delay the d+4 forever and it was still NCc.

Just a lil something for you to test next time around.

Oh and with d+3+4, when you say damage is toned, I'm assuming you mean it's not quite as powerful... About how much weaker would you say it is? Even if it's 20 points instead of 25, if she can tag combo off of it that's good enough for me since I hit people with that damn move all day long. It still jails on low non-CH I'm assuming (I will LITERALLY drop Asuka if they change that back to T5 status, that one move makes me keep her), correct?

Also...if d/b+4,3 is still taggable, is b+2,4,3 as well? If so, her wall carry is going to kill red-life bars all day.

Finally... is d/b+2~5 possible? If so, her crush game just got serious.

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