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Originally posted by aviax
- b+1+2 - Did this always cause a floated opp to go shooting across the screen like a bullet? And really, really far? I put a guy into the wall from what must have been about 10 meters away. Could be good with breakable walls and especially balconies (which become auto tag combos). I will try to get more concrete info and report back.

- His BnB TA filler is probably d/f+1,4>1. Example (w/Jack starting): d/f+2, 2, f,f+1~5(B!), (d/f+1,4>1), f,f+1+2,2. It can be a bit tricky, tho', because delaying too long will just give control back to Jack.

- Actually, since I've mentioned d/b+1+2, I should note that it's been re-animated. He doesn't get as low to the ground (it looks more like he's an offensive lineman in (American) football than a sumo getting ready for a tachiai), but when he flies forward, he extends his hands, giving this move just an extra bit of reach. Wondering if that now makes it as reversible as a punch...
Good stuff!
-b1+2 on a floating opponent sends them backwards in BR but not the way you describe. Could be a buffed effect. Funny how they'd adjust small things like that.
-How about df1+2,1 as TA filler?
-Sounds like it's nerfed a bit: less evasion and possibly reversable. I like the headbutt idea...

Are you in the possibility to capture some footage? I would very much like to see ff3, the new db1+2 and maybe the new floating effect of b1+2. I know I'm asking a lot. If you can't then not. Already very grateful as you're our only source of Ganny info atm.