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Aw damn SE+d/f+1 is just f,b+(2),1, buuuutt.....if the damage of both B! moves are the same...

In BR f,b+2 is 12 dmg, whilst d/b+2 is 14 dmg:

u/f+4, f+1,2,3~d DE+1, f/b+2,1 B! iSW = 84 dmg in BR

f,b+2 at 45% will be 4 dmg, whilst d/b+2 at 45% is 5 dmg

u/f+4, f+1,2,3~d DE+1, d/b+2~f SE+d/f+1 B! iSW = 85 dmg!

I predict max damage would be something like this:

CH d/f+2, f+(1),2,3~d DE+1, d/f+1, dash, d/b+2~f SE+d/f+1 B! iSW = 87 dmg

EDIT: Is there any changes to SE+2? I swear I read it was faster, I hope it could be used as a d/b+2~f SE+2 ender for juggles!!

For Tekken 7, I hope there will be a manual SE!!

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