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Originally posted by (NYC)Fab
f2+3 seems to be pretty slow overall however it does a lot of damage, the interesting thing about it is its safe and the frame data says -1 to +1 on block so depending on how short or far the person blocks it depends on that. Another interesting thing is df1 says -1 on block in the frame data, but if you go into sav its 0 on block like br which isn't bad. Also ff3 is said to be -9? in the frame data so is anyone sure its -10, but the push back is good so it doesn't even matter.

Also hear is a link to someone using f2+3 at 0:32 :

Ahh, interesting! Where did you got the framedata of TTT2 Fab? Is it already released?
F+2+3 looks easy steppable somehow:S

Edit: I think I found a special Tag throw^^ It begins 4:02

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