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Ya, the CH push grabs gave better positioning.

f,f+2 was good on ranged whiff punishing, opponent advances, and get up kicks

Off of tag launches, the natural reaction would be to b+2, 1-> or df+1, 4-> everything. Or even d/f+1+2, 1 straight to wall. Agreed though, I always wanted to f,f+2->1+2->tag would be too cool. Admittedly, that is going to be the first thing I try out when I get hands on game lol.

Any vids of f,f+3?

Sandilord, besides ws+2 or big launcher, it looks like df+4,1,2 might be the post B! wall carry. In T6 I B! early then d/f+1+2, 1 for high splat....if at right distance. At least with df+4,1, 2 it looks like we won't need to worry because the string carries and the last hit makes people really fly. That's all I can really see it for right now, because I don't know how well the knee picks up, if at all.

Man, I hope someone can confirm if FC d/f+2 is changed any. I wish that shit was like DJ's ws+2. At least he can just dash f,f+3, 1. Having Ganny FC d/f+2 from distance and then having to DEEP DASH b+2,1 was always frustrating for me. Sucks too because I want that good range 15f punish.