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I liked knockdown u/f+2 better too.

I like the idea of f,f+2, but the move has always kind of sucked for anything other than whiff punish IMO. They should at least replace the f,f+2 grabs with the CH d+1+2 grabs. The f,f+2 grabs aside from 1+2 are kinda shitty. He's got some solid concepts, but a lot of his moveset is kind of half assed.

Another thing we have to think about is how does he work on a team? What can he tag off of for launches, throws, etc. f,f+2~1+2 throw into tag would be sick.

I do think the d/f+4,1,2 is a solid new move for him, if only to give a decent wall carry for floaty high splat.

f,f+3 looks interesting. As long as it's safe and not extremely linear it can be a solid approach tool with its range.

I'm curious to see how fast b+2,1 is and if it is indeed NC. If just the NC then he has a solid mid to get in and force FC mixups. I really like b+2,1 in BR, but always wondered why it wasn't at least NCc.

Anyone try his FC,d/f+1,2,1 string to see if there are any changes in properties?

Are FC,d/f+2 combos still range dependent?
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