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I have not noticed f1+2 being less range. Felt exactly the same to me.

New Moves:
-SE df+1

-d2 B!s now
-uf4 does not B! now
-b1 has visibly less range
-1,2 tracking gone
-b2,1 jab punishable(?)
-uf3 hurtbox upon recovery seems bigger

Couple things from the Arcadia Mag.
- TA, ff2 might be his Universal Tag Assault (where you hold 5* when you activate TA, prior to the Evo build [the one with the new Tag Crash feature] it used to be b1+2)
- W!, fb21, B!, f4121 is his new wall combo (I got a couple ideas with this that I wanna try out now)
- uf+3, ws2, db2~f, SE df+1, B!, dash, df1, db2~f, SE1 seems to be the new staple for uf3.
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