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Footage of u/f+2->1+2 at 00:33

Still not amped about the change. I'd rather have a tracking knockdown mid anyday. u/f+2 was my go-to move.

And seems like they're nerfing f,f+2 more each installment. 6 breaks in DR, 3 breaks in T6, and now on grabs on CH in TTT2. If it's safe now then cool I guess but I used the fuck out of this move, oki on 1, 2 breaks and combo off 1+2.

Eh.....not looking so good Ganny. I asked Harada personally at MLG why they hate this character. He said it was foolish to say they dislike any of their characters but I can't tell. The changes directly affect my playstyle with him and the new additions are looking like fluff.