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Work in progress.

New moves

-First hit is same u/f+2 with no knockdown.
-2nd hit looks similar to WR 1+2 and knocks the opponent far away.

-SLow left legged stomp, mid, hits grounded.
- +frames on block, seems about +3?
-On hit opponent knocked down, free fast M/L
-Does not B!
-OFC on block, safe(?)
-tracking or linear?

-Mostly useful as juggle ender and TA assist, has good wall carry
-d/f+4 by itself has slooooow recovery
-1st 2 hits NC, 2nd 2 hits NCc(?)
-Last hit looks safe. Does the 2nd hit jail?

Move Changes

-Possible faster on startup and recovery. Maybe i14?
-(b21)d+2 knocks down FDFT now.

-Sitdown stun on normal hit
-Further knockback on CH
-Regular mid now (was Sm)

-Knocks back like BR off-axis version did.
-CH throws still mashable (?)

-No longer knocks down on CH.
-+ on hit.
-Has 1+2 extension.

-New animation, not as low to the ground and attacks with arms out. Unsure if counts as a punch attack.

-shorter knockback on CH hit. Free f3+4 and probably 1+2.

f+4,4 and 4,4
-Are both NC even when delayed.
-No longer stun on CH.

-d+1 no longer floors on CH
-NCc, possibly delayed NCc (confirm delay NCc?)

-No free hits anymore.

-Nothing guaranteed anymore.
-Maybe mid now?

- Possibly back to T5/DR status, crushes mids in starting frames
-No high launch on CH anymore.

Taggable moves
-(CH f,f+2), 1+2
-df2, ff1+2~5 distance depended and it helps if tagpartner has a low pickupmove. Takes red life.

Juggles/guaranteed stuff
df2, b41 B!, b21, cc, df412
df2, b21, cc, b21, ws1+2,1+2 B!, df2,1+2
ff1+2, df1+2,1, b41 B!, df412
LP, df141, 1, ff, df412
CH b1, df141, df41 possibly still works
df2+3, ff3?
After balconybreak, df141 works.

Tag Assault
-W!, 344

Tag Throws
Ganryu (lead) -->Jaycee 1+3~5
Ganryu (lead) --> Bob ff1+4~5

Likes(+1): Devil Jin, Jaycee
Dislikes(-1): Bob, Lili, Ogre
Hates(-2): -
Other characters about Ganny
Like him(+1): Bob, Lili
Dislike him(-1): -
Hate him(-2): Jaycee

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