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Complete list of changes from T6/T6BR to TTT2u are found HERE.


I guess I'll bring the Alisa section to life.

As of the last beta build before the official release:

b+3 still tracks, pushes back, and is safe.

f+4,4 is gone

New f+4,1,4 is a new m,h,m string that is -15 and the 2nd hit can be ducked for launch. Can be used as a combo ender for show, but not the most damaging ender.

New f+4 is mid, tracks, and is -12

b+4,3 doesn't put them in crouch on block, is jab punishable on block, but is NC. b+4 by itself has Devil Jin's b+4 properties.

fff+2 seems to has fewer + frames.

Movement is average at best.

New Dual Boot 2, 1 is a m,h string that bounds, but if they block the 2 the 1 will completely miss. You can hit 1+2 to exit DES.

New DES u_d+3+4, 1 is a sideways outward chop that knocks down and pushes away on block. Not very damaging.

fly, b has a new cancel animation where she flies back a bit. It also puts you into the db+1 stance.

db+1~3 is new mid kick

db+1~4 is a new launcher, but it's unsafe.

d+2,4, 1+2 leaves you in DES.

I'll add more of those updates when I can.

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