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New Moves
3+4 - Instant transition to SNK, also has punch parry according to inatekken
3+4, 1 - Instant transition to DRG
3+4, 2 - Instant transition to PAN
3+4, 3 - Instant transition to TGR
3+4, 4 - Instant transition to CRA
KNDs 3+4 - Instant transition to Sit Snake
db+1 - low move, high crush, ends in Sit Snake
b+2~f - mid move, high crush, pressing f after ends you in DRG
BT 4,4 - mid, mid move, second hit low crushes and bounds
PHX 1~d_bb+1~d - ends you in SLDs
PHX 1,d+2_bb+1,d+2 - high, low move ends you in SLDs
WS+3+4 - mid move, launcher that can tag out.
f+3,1,2 - mid, high, mid, last hit launches
2+3+4 - taunt that ends you in DRU

Homing move - moves that hits side step or side walk
BT 2

Bound/Tag Assault move - moves you can tag in your partner after hitting the opponent and pressing ~5
1+2+5 - Generic Tag Assault move
DRU 3,2
DRU uf+1+2
BT 4,4

Tag Out moves - moves you can tag in your partner immediately after hitting the opponent and pressing ~5
PLDs 4
BT 4,3
CRA 3,4,2,3 (last hit)
f+3,1,2 (last hit, added in Unlimited)

Interesting changes
ff+3 - seems to lift the opponent much higher when compare to T6
BT 3+4 - doesn't have b! property anymore (confirmed)
SNK 3_4~4,3,3 - Doesn't have Tag Out property when compare to Tag
uf+1+2~5 - Special Tag with Feng and Leo (More to be added)
Update as of Nov 10th
KNDs 4 on CH give a stun much like CH SNK 2
ff+3 virtually no knockback on block now
3rd hit of blocked fn2,1,2 and 1+2,2 doesn't launch, except CH
Update as of 2012
df+1,1 -9 on block, but does not jail
f+3,1 first hit hit box lowered, much easier to use during post b!

More to be added in the future

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