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I know I am jumping the gun here (I also did this in the Asuka forums). But here I say we talk about her combos and then her possible moves during Tag assault as the main character, and as the secondary character. I will update this thread as new information comes in

bases pre TA
f+2, u/f+3, f+3,f+1+2, IZU 1+2~5, TA!
getup 3, cc, d/b+4,1+(4),2, f+3,f+1+2, IZU 1+2

With Asuka(blue) and Jun (red)

u/f+4,3~5 TA!b2,4,3 b+2,1,f+1+2, IZU 1+2
d/f+2, u/f+3, 1+4, b+2,4,3 (w!), 2,1,1+2~5, -TA!-, [b+3,<2>], b+2,1,4
(wallsplat!)d+2~5, -TA!-, [b+3,<2>], b+3,2

if asuka is fdfa:
wakeup 3, ws4, 2,1, 2,1,1+2B!~5, b4,2,[blue f2[/blue]
if asuka is fdfa/fufa (situational):
wakeup 3, ss, db4,3 ~5, f3, f1+2, 1+2B! ~5, b2,4,3, dash f2
if jun is fdfa:
wakeup3, ws2, f3, f1+2, 1+2B! ~5, b2,4,3, f1+2, 2
wakeup3, ss, db4,1+4,2, d2B! ~5, b2,4,3, ff2,3

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