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Posting changes in here. I'll grab the info we have so far and put it in this thread.

- f+4,1,2,1 - good as wall combo
- b+2,3 (?): m,h string that gives W! => no longer HC apparently in TTT2U
- d+2: binds now
- f+1+2: has less range now (possibly not the case) => -14 in TTT2U
- 1,2: doesn't track anymore
- b+1: has normal range now
- u/f+4: No longer gives B!
- DE 1+2: no longer launches on NH
- SE d/f+1: Gives B! - similar to second hit of f,b+2,1
- b+2,1 jab punishable => -10 in TTT2U
- u/f+3 easier punish (not confirmed)
- Air iSW: gives wall-stun enough for - d/b+2,1 into f+1+4 or f+4,1,2,1

Couple things from the Arcadia Mag.
- TA, ff2 might be his Universal Tag Assault (where you hold 5* when you activate TA, prior to the Evo build [the one with the new Tag Crash feature] it used to be b1+2)
- W!, fb21, B!, f4121 is his new wall combo
- uf+3, ws2, db2~f, SE df+1, B!, dash, df1, db2~f, SE1 seems to be the new staple for uf3.

Universal tag assault:
- b+1+2
- d/f+3,3
- b+3,4 (used in earlier builds; needs to be verified)

- f+1+2, db+2, db+2,1, f+2,1~f, SE df1 B!
- uf+4, f+1,2,3~f, DE1, db+2~f, SE df1 B!
- WS+1_ff+2~f, SE3, db+2,1, f+2,1~f, SE df1 B!

Tag throws:
-Lars(Lead)+Alisa: 2+4~5
-Lars(Lead)+Heihachi: reserved
-Lars(Lead)+Lee: iSW~5
-Jin(Lead)+Lars: d/f+2+3~5
-Alisa(Lead)+Lars: 2+4~5

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