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This is I try on PSP hit analysis on
Hwoarang's movelist vs Nina

3,34 = B+1
3,3,F4 = B+1
4,4,3 = B+1
F+3~3 = b+1+4
d/f+3,3 = F+3
d/f+3,4 = ssl+2 or B+1
d/f+3, f+4 = B+1
d/f+3+4 = b+4 ???? someone please confirm it hit or not, player versus player will be better result
u/f+3+4,3 or uf+3+4 = qcb d/b+3,4 (must mid range)
f,f+4 = 4,3,2
f,d,d/f+4 = f+3, b+1+4, if hwoarang keep the range and do f,d,d/f+4, your punishment will whiff
Plasma blade (Left stance BT enemy) 4 = df+1,2 or b+2,2, if hwoarang keep the range, your punishment will whiff

Right Stance
3,4 = after 1st attack block, you can interrupt it with df+2, b+1, ss+2
4,3 = ws+1,1+2 (close range), your punishment will whiff when your position too far after block it
F+(4~4) = b+2,2, your punishment will whiff when your position too far after block it
d/b+3,3 = ws+2 or qcb+4 after duck or even 1st kick hit you (except CH)

Left Flamingo
During left flamingo

? d+3,4 : sidewalk left then df+2
? d+4 = sidewalk left then df+2
? d/f+4 = sidewalk left then df+2
? d/b+3 = sidewalk left then df+2
? d/b+4 = sidewalk left then df+2
? b+3 = 1,2 or 1,4 or qcB attack
? b+4 = ssr+2 or qcB attack
? uf+3,4,3 = ssr+2 or qcb attack
? uf+4 = ssl+2
? 10 hit = crouch at 2nd attack and do ws+2 for get juggle

Right Flamingo
? f+4,4 = ws+2 or qcB attack
? d+4,3 = ssl+2

NB : I write qcB attack, because I don't know which qcB attack get highest damage for juggle.

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