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Originally posted by MCP
If you think they're going to duck then use ws+1,2 or u/f+3.

But if you're actually more worried about side walking ewgf/cd+4, then ws+3 is his tracking move right? But they'd block it most of the time right? (And sometimes ch 4 )
ws+4 is a really good move out of crouch dash. The more boring you play kazuya, the better except when you have to make a comeback.
d/f+2 obviously.
ws+2 would also work according to ttt2 updates since it is supposed to track now, with much longer range than ws+1,2. Risky obviously.
I'm not too familiar, but I'd bet u/f+3 doesn't track side walk left very well, besides it having small range, but still something to try out since it comes out of CD easily.
At range zero I'd bet you could make b+2<4 or 1,1<2 hit the side walking opponent, but that's risky because they could be doing side walk left then back dash cancel out of range. It's just another option.
Try d/f+4 for tracking side walk left from anywhere but point blank.
ws+1+2 also tracks side walk left but I prefer ws+4 over ws+1+2.

Mixing up your timing and range with different attacks will help keep their rhythm off so that you can land a cd+4,1 or punish them with a juggle.

This is just experience, but not recent practice talking. Take it all with a grain of salt and try it out for yourself.

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