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Originally posted by Marin
FLA 3,3~f might be one of his best new attacks. It REALLY makes him look like Hwo now, but this is like the move Baek always needed. I'm smelling tier raises

it all depends on the speed.

If it's fast enough I can see that being used in two ways:

bringing FLA f+3 into combos as near-wall bind enders for W!
I imagine something like Fla3,3~f, f+3 W! would be quiet easy to implement with the new cancel.

for his mixups, the added headache of chains starting from d+4 after FLA 3,3~f, might help Baek players in advanced matches.

my house mate is starting to really turn up the heat with his tekken playing, and I need some high tier trickery if I want to continue using Baek for casuals and tournaments.
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