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Originally posted by noodalls

30 minutes of either Christie or Eddy or both.

Why yes, I will, thank you.

14:48 - Tag into immediate WR+3, which is great. It's a bit slower than tag slide, but still a nice option to have.

20:37 - I've been thinking about using the b+4,4,3+4 as my primary tag assault move. I think it will lead to a lot of interesting situations with various characters. Since it slams to the ground and does decent damage, it could lead to some great oki situations. I just need to see how close my other character will be after the move is executed. In the situation shown in the vid, the opponent is close to the wall, so it's hard to judge, but I like the possibilities.

21:00 - new elbow move. Looks like the old ss+2 but performed from standing. Forces crouch on block. I've never seen this before. I hope we can get more info about it.

ss+4 still does hit twice.

I saw RLX 2,3~5, so I'm going to assume ws+3~5 is possible as well.

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