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Originally posted by DeTrun

bt1+2 looks good. A 2-hit B! move, that extra hit is nice to have for added juggle dmg. Like: uf3, df2, 1, b21~b, bt1+2, Tag B!, *tag character hit*, df3+4,3+4.

Originally posted by Kane

ws3, f23, df3+4, bt1+2,b! [ender]
CH knd3, cc d12~bt, bt1+2,b!
CH fc,df3, d12~bt, bt1+2,b!

Yup, all these combos seems very plausible!


I'm not too worried about Lili getting the little nerf she has recieved. db4 wasn't that good of a move like we all know. Too slow. I actually prefer it to only launch on CH and being a bit faster. That would almost be a buff IMO.

Just think about it; a superslow low that launches, but everybody are able to see and punish with a full combo, or a quick low that does decent damage and launches on CH, and almost nobody is able to block on reaction... I prefer the latter!

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