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Originally posted by Kane
bt 1+2 is a very good addition... some combos will get a small damage boost... such as ch db3_bt2, df3+4, bt d1, ws2~b, bt1+2,b!

it will also make a lot of combos much more consistent... such as:

ws3, f23, df3+4, bt1+2,b! [ender]
CH knd3, cc d12~bt, bt1+2,b!
CH fc,df3, d12~bt, bt1+2,b!


she seems powerful to me ... hopefully namco won't "nerf" her back down

Hmm, I haven't thought about it that way, bt1+2 making those launchers have more consistent juggles. That makes it very useful.

I pretty much think the same way, atm. I'm fine with Lili the way she's now. although df2 being -10 would be nice, though.

Now that I think about it: Lili's ws12 might pick up from a CH KND 3, like Alisa's? It'd be nice if someone could try it out.