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with how bad some of the characters are getting nerfed, ttt2 Lili is looking really good. still not top tier since there are some characters that are still looking extremely strong [mishimas, bruce, etc], but I believe still good.


db4 nerf isn't a big deal to me since I hardly used that much anyway. in high level play, people can see db4 on reaction, so it really should be seldom used anyway.

bt 1+2 is a very good addition... some combos will get a small damage boost... such as ch db3_bt2, df3+4, bt d1, ws2~b, bt1+2,b!

it will also make a lot of combos much more consistent... such as:

ws3, f23, df3+4, bt1+2,b! [ender]
CH knd3, cc d12~bt, bt1+2,b!
CH fc,df3, d12~bt, bt1+2,b!


she seems powerful to me ... hopefully namco won't "nerf" her back down
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Originally posted by Lukmendes
I honestly wonder if Kane has a list of "Why Lili sucks" on his computer, to avoid having to write the same things over and over again .