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At 23:40, Lili does: uf3, b21~b, bt1+2, B!

bt1+2 looks good. A 2-hit B! move, that extra hit is nice to have for added juggle dmg. Like: uf3, df2, 1, b21~b, bt1+2, Tag B!, *tag character hit*, df3+4,3+4.

Misc. notes:
- Lili's French is nice. Still arrogant, saying things like "Et ... qui es-tu au juste?" ("And ... who are you exactly?") and "je peux regler ?a toute seule" ("I can do this on my own"), haha.
- Lili's model looks improved, compared to a previous vid, uploaded by Harada (AOU version)
- TTT2 is finished for 65%-70%, according to Harada, so there might/will be changes. It's still a test version, after all.

Kane, do you have any thoughts on TTT2 Lili so far?

Edit: French grammar mistake :p

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