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Originally posted by Marin
Baek + Jin will be my main couple. I hope this would work:

... 3+4~f, W!, db3+4 3,1,4 (db3+4 hits)

Most likely not. From the vids that I have watched, this is my observation:

- B!~5 works by calling your tag-in partner to assist. He/she will do a set of move/strings and leave, except when his/her move is a throw. (likely air throw: Duk, King, AK, Lars, etc)

- the tagged-in partner would do a set of move, and unless it's "done," the original character would not tag in. This rule may be broken by doing move that goes into special stances, then into an UB. The example would be Nina's poke into sway~UB.

This means that it's POSSIBLE that Baek can set up d/b+3+4 in the tag-assist by doing 2,3~d/b+3+4, but this also means that he would have to be the tag-in partner during the unblockable setup, rather than the main.

Baek's UB hits grounded, so it's entirely possible to have tagged in character to do another UB as well, preferably the UB that tracks tech roll. In Yoshi's case, his b,b+1+2 is a tech trap. Here's a scenario that may work:

Yoshi u/f+3 b+1,1,1 f+1+2~5 B! Baek 2,3~d/b+3+4 Yoshi b,b+1+2.

Choose your poison. regardless of you teching or not, you are eating an unblockable.