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Sup sup -

Yeah man Dama is going to be retardedly awesome - it could also turn into a bit of a Paul fest thanks to Sabri's charts - ninja. lol

Thanks so much for the info guys -

So there is a possibility that Death Fist is actually i15 and can't be buffered to get the i13. I should work with i15 until shown otherwise. cool

DeathFist Punishment is pretty weird though - if Paul Deathfists the opponent from right in front of them - the punishment is -15 and if Paul does a slightly ranged DeathFist --- the punishment is -17 and Hwoarang can launch.
I don't always see it listed like that on framedata sheets. But we tested that - if Paul DF's Hwoarang from up close, there is no -17 b+3 Hwo launcher.

Can't believe Paul's 4 is i12 ---- I already don't like Paul's 4 and now I find out it's slower - no man. lol

Thanks again - hope to see you both soon. awei
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