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lil anakin update

seems like(thru vids) he's been doing good except against some particular players and he's getting lots of props from korean tekken ppl. there's not much info about rip i could get from tekkencentral yet.

here's some 3rd day vids(you have to go thru rinks cuz these are unopend to public)

rip vs narakhof

anakin vs narakhof(seems like they were having ft 10)

anakin vs jundding

anakin vs magnet

I watched 2nd day anakin vids. in those vids, he beat painkiller(king) champion death, beat oxini(nina) sage death, lost to tuhon(aka 2nd qudans) legend death, beat jundding(christie) sage death, beat rain(lars) yaksa death, lost to gakxini(dra) raksasa death(nin prolly gave anakin 2 cards. 1 sage, 1 yaksa).
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