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This is part 2 of the thread which is the central point of updates for the international Tekken community. For most countries we get updates through tournament results, for other countries with arcade scenes so called deathmatches are also played to determine player ranks.

I?ve been living in Seoul, South Korea for a bit over a year and am providing info from the Korean scene together with a few other individuals. Updates from Japan also drop in from time to time.

Generally for news the Tekken News Desk here at Tekken Zaibatsu and the front pages of, and are the places to go, if you can read Japanese is also a great way to stay in the loop.

As part of making players aware and up to date on the Korean community I started a youtube channel dedicated for the Tekken series. The videos are recorded at Green Arcade in Seoul if nothing else is mentioned.

There are of course many other youtube users uploading Tekken videos. For more links see The Tekken Links Thread at;pagenumber=1

Using youtube's channel search function is a great way to find what you're looking for. For a complete video index of my channel's videos download this text file:

Channel Video Index v1

This thread is also dedicated to the televised Korean Tekken league ?Tekken Crash?, produced by MBCgame. When writing this post the show is inbetween season 6 and 7. Unfortunally many of the videos from past seasons can't be found online anymore since the previous uploader Jon747 was suspended from youtube. These days garyoak99 is the main uploader of this show,

The current schedule of Tekken Crash can be found in this thread, generally the matches are recorded on Sundays, broadcasted on Wednesdays, and shortly after uploaded by Garyoak99.

Feel free to ask any questions and I or someone else will do their best to give you an answer, hopefully more people from other countries will join in to fill the gaps and help making a complete picture of what the current Tekken scene looks like.

Please use common sense when asking your questions and please don't reveal the information hidden in the spoiler tags until the information has been made officialy public.