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Move list:
Entire Tag2 Move List including some properties
Inatekken Kazuya Frame Data Page

New Moves:
b+4,1: is a m,m string, second hit is an elbow, NC and wallsplats. According to inatekken it is b+4 is -10 and b+4,1 is -11 on block.
d+1+2: l; stand alone backhand like the 2nd hit of b,b+2,2; trips on CH for a cc, b+2,4, d/b+2, B! combo; at least -15 on block. Can be canceled by holding db like Bryans old d3+4,2 (or is it 1, cant remember), and recovers in full crouch. Ch d+1+2 in to dewgf,d/f+3,d/f+1,2,b!
f,f+2 (the move post B!): High, just like Bryan's Mach Breaker and can punish Heihachi's f,f+2.

Format = Input; Range (上=h,中=mid,下=low) Damage; Startup frames; Block; Hit; CH

- 2WP (d+1+2); 下CS; 21?; *Startup frames not listed*; -15?; +2?S; KBD.
- 4RK (b+4); 中; *Damage not listed*; 15; -10; -1?; -1?
- 4RK,LP (b+4,1); 中,中; *Damage not listed*; *Startup frames same as above*; -11; KMD; KMD
- 66RP (f,f+2); 上; *Damage not listed*; 14?; -11; FD; FD

u/b+1+2: transformation to Devil form:
d/f+1,2(~5): While in devil form, he has a new tp that is df 1,2 It's a 15f mid,mid launcher that is NC and does not jail (so they can block the first and fuck up to get launched anyway). -13 on block. The normal kaz variations does not exist in Devil for (df1,2 df1,4 df1,f2 etc). Losing d/f+1,2 bound move in devil form makes juggles problematic. Twin Pistons 3,1,4 does not work on big characters. d/f+1,2~5 works like a normal juggle starter.
His ws+1,2 and ws+2 are like Kazuyas.
ss+2 is like devil jin's and he has the up laser (u/f+1+2). The Main Man did things like ss2, uf1+2, run in, b+2,4 bound .
u/f+1+2 up laser can be used in juggles: Ewgf,u/f+1+2 laser dash 1,d/b+2,b! Combo
cd+1,u/f same as devil jin and useful at the wall for the FDFA ground game.
He also did ch df2 full launch EWGF on me with Devil Kaz so that works. That was filmed and some matches will probably be up later.
Devil Kaz's ff2 is mid like Devil Jin's but looks a bit different, is jab punishable with no pushback on block, and on CH Kaz will dash through like in TTT1
1+2 is laser just like tag. 1+2 laser for tag assault combo and can break the wall. Normal Kazuya form 1+2 is not available in devil form.
d+1+2 does the devil jin grounded hit laser, unknown whether Devil Form has the new d+1+2 backfist when the opponent is not grounded.
3+4: Probably a flying stance just like in Tag1. If things have not changed 1+2 will do a laser that hits grounded.
3+4,3+4: Probably a flying stance where he flies to the opposite side of the screen.

Tag Moves:
Devil Form only:
d/f+1,2~5 (twin pistons~5 for a full juggle!)

Bound Moves:
u/f+3 or u+3
Normal Kazuya form only:
d/f+1,2 (Devil Form does Twin Pistons)

Property Changes:
f+4 forces crouch on block and leaves them closer. Very nice.
f,f+1+2~5 is a tag throw which takes on red bar damage.
EWGF has an enormous hitbox. It can still be walked left, but it seems more difficult and it's also more difficult to back dash from.
b2,4 still HC able.
df4,4 still HC able.
f,f+3 is -3 on block and the block animation lasts longer.
F+4 on ch you can see your opponent's face slam down and bounce on the ground a little, giving you more time to follow up with some oki, but probably nothing is guaranteed though.
(2),2 CH crumple stuns.
(2),4 CH stuns for a juggle starting with d/f+3.
1,2,4 - CH (1,2),4 will force crouch. Not a NC
d/b+4 - Gives +2 on hit, -11 on block. May force crouch and +9 on CH.
b,b+2,2 - Replace with a new command input u/f+2,2
b+4 - His "magic" 4 also has a new input, instead of b+4 it's just 4.
4 - His old magic b+4 is not just standing 4. Stuns on CH
ws+2 - Now a homing move. Stuns a Back Turned opponent now.
d/f+2 - Now a homing move.
From BR -> Tag2
Format = Input; Damage; Startup frames; Block; Hit; CH

- 1RK (d/b+4); 20; 20; -11; +2; +2 → 20; 20; -11; +2; +9?
- 66LK (f,f+3); 30; 19(20~); ?0S; TD; TD → 30; 19(20~); -3?S; TD; TD

Special Tag juggle with Jinpachi (blue sparks!):

Mishima juggle video from Swedish build:

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