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^ Damn that sucks. So with the poor damage d/b+1, WS+4 does we still have no real option for tech rolls to make the pickup combos a valuable choice...

Yeah, let's hope tech catches return in TTT2. Paul is lacking so much in the post combo oki department in BR.

Thanks for checking anyways.


In other news, I found that you can add a d/f+1 in the oki wall combo, meanin you can do a W! b+1,2 B! d/f+1, d+1 into mix-up.

Edit: Meh again, for some reason adding a d/f+1 before the d+1 allows them to tech after the d+1.
It should be noted that you can substitute the qcf+1+2 in the mix-up post d+1 wallcombo with d+2, and the qcf+3+4 with qcb+2 for a really unseeable mix-up (but slighlty lesser damage potential). I think I'll use this mix-up instead in the future.

Added to the guide.

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