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^ Thanks.


Interesting new vid:

Gotta test and see if there are more options for Paul...


After some testing I can say the following:

If what this Korean vid suggests is true, namely that you can?t block i16 moves after getting hit by a d/b+1 BT, then we have something really nasty here.
I tested with training dummy set to ?stand to block? and tech to both sides. I have yet to test this against a human opponent, but if done correctly the dummy cannot escape this. Here?s the set-up:

Launch, f+2, f+2, b+1,2, (B!):
- f,f, U/F (jump over), d/b+1~WS+2 (u/f+3 and u/f+3,4 also work but don?t give a consistent followup due to axis, u/f+4 tends to whiff because of the distance): connects on tech to both sides and seems inescapable if you do WS+2 fast enough; do it one frame late and the dummy can block it; nets you a f+2, f+2, b+1,2 (B!) qcf+2 combo for further 74 damage (tested on Ling)

More importantly however, if this works on human opponents too we have a real option against tech roll for Shinjin?s reset combo f,f, n, 3,2, f+1, f,f+2:1 (36 damage; can be substituted by f,f, n, d/b+2, f+1, f,f,d+4:2:1+2 (39 damage). With this we would have a true 50/50, namely:
- jump over into d/b+1~WS+2: rapes tech rolls
- f,f, n into 3,2_d/b+2 reset: hits lie there and back rolls; on back rolls it even allows for a further B!

The timing of the jump over into d/b+1~WS+2 is a little tricky but I'm sure it can be practiced to a very good consistency. I did it for 10 minutes and got it down like 70 % of the times.

Summing up: very promising stuff so far, let's hope it's really unescapable, not only for the dummy.

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