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This just in..

The Tekken team is considering TTT1 Rage/Ikari Mode
For TTT2, so when they said they were planning to combine old stuff from TTT1 with new stuff, they really meant it.

Yes we are considering now. RT @L_Z_N: I like the rage/ikari mode from TTT1, will you consider bringing it back to TTT2?

And fortunately(at least for me), the Ikari mode is considered.

Btw, I'm pretty sure most ppl know this as Netsu, because that's what TZ wrote.. and it was actually a mistranslation(Netsu means fever). Credits to WCMaxi for the info.

And this is the article that explains what netsu is in TTT1.

And thanks to the new site, AvoidingThePuddle
I found the T1 pic Harada uploaded.

AvoidingthePuddle is a site run by Aris, which provides Tekken news well as news from other fighting games....and this what the site is about :

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A slow but good build up of info I like it! Thanks for the posts lizanias

no worries
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