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Something I found out a big while ago, but forgot to mention them here:

1st thing:
u/f+3, b+1~3_4, b+2,1~KIN f+2

It's regular u/f+3 launcher into single b+1 into single spinning evade (possible to either side) then to b+2,1~KIN f+2 ender.
It doesn't do as much damage as your staple, however the single spinning evade will realign your position a little while doing the combo. This is most useful on breakable wall stage.
After you end with KIN f+2 (have to calculate the distance well), the opponent gets W! and you can follow up with B! of your choice. Mine would be ff+3+4,1+2,3+4.
Take not that the realigning is quite small, but I've managed to integrate this into my arcade fights a few times and thus it's useful to know. Good for maximizing damage.

2nd thing:
When you use multiple b+1s to carry opponent right into wall, if you time correctly, you can do things like:
u/f+3, b+1,1, b+1,1,1,(1),1, dash, Flash, f+1+2 B!
for extra damage

But I think a lot of you know this already