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Katsuhiro Harada recently stated Akitaka Tohyama
would work as the music director for TTT2.

*Announcement* The Music Director on TTT2 will be Akitaka Tohyama! (Composer of TK Series/TTT1/Katamari Damacy, etc) His Techno is awesome!!

Who is Akitaka Tohyama?

On other about we start from the goodies first?

Harada...around few weeks ago uploaded a wallpaper for Marduk fans..

ARRRGH! You guys always complaining...I'll break your face! 1980x1080 (1080p) Desktop Wallpaper. Hahhahhaa

for the 1980x1200 version:

And less than a day ago, he uploaded another one:

Nina Williams (1080p ver). for my Followers!! Desktop. Wallpaper for my Followers&Friends

for the 1980x1200 version:


Now there are several more interesting tweets.

Such as how DJ & Jin will tag in & out.

Separate char. U can tag Jin & Devil Jin RT @DevilKazuya3 How will jin and devil jin tag in with each other? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER ME!


Will Steve be in TTT2? yes.
it's not a suprise to those, who have read the info from the latest arcadia thing.

Ok I'll answer. Yes. RT @NASH_FOR_SSF4 will steve be in the game?


Regarding combos, and damage scale.

But too much damage now lol I'll tune that RT @bossdjhey OMG got chills when I watched the TTT2 test play! COMBOS ARE AWESOME!


I'll think about new system(bound limit, escape or something..) RT @Tyrik327855 ALSO THE TAG COMBOS WERE AWESOME!


Tweets in Japanese.
I don't know what exactly they were talking about because I can't read Japanese.

I think there was one guy that asked him to make Paul's JF harder to execute. Another one asked him to make some kind of iPhone app.

About bringing back old chars.

Bring back Cheeseburger! Well without the Cheese RT@Tyrik327855:unknown return in TTT2(&maybe TekkenxSf)?(Well without the wolf)


I know everyone can say only "Bring back" or "Remove". It is a tough order. but ok Of course I'll consider about that

Last not but least..
Harada's presentation plus Q&A with Michael Murray
(psst..if you see 'maikeru765' posting in this forum...that's him)

I'm sure ppl have seen the presentation...especially the gameplay footage...which is posted everywhere from SDTekken to sites like Kotaku.

But perhaps not many of you saw the whole presentation..
Razer from TekkenNation and thelonegamer...wrote a pretty good summary from the presentation.


Some vids, that recorded the presentation:

They all contain the gameplay footage, but they show pretty much the same thing from the video that's been posted in many sites. Because the vids don't show the whole presentation.

And that's a wrap for today's news roundup.
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