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It's been a very slow news week....
Up to now, there's still no major announcemen yet.
But let's jump into the news...

Aris interviewed Harada & Michael Murray

Aris recorded a video of interview both Michael Murray & Katsuhiro Harada, then he took the audio out...and made into an audio file.

It was yet another interesting interview, which he describe the days of making TTT, how the staff felt about making the game, etc.

There only TTT2 news from the podcast is = they're planning to make an announcement on their next appearance at Avoiding the Puddle.

Interview with Harada at next MLG

I'm sure most of you have noticed FilthyRich is gathering questions regarding TTT2, because he is planning to sit down & have an interview Mr Harada at the next MLG(which is MLG Dallas right? )

News roundup from Harada's Twitter & Facebook acc

Nothing much on TTT2 I guess...
besides this cosplay pic

He also mentioned about them working on official site for TTT2.

Please wait. We are working on.... RT @jthemsley: what is official site for info on ttt2 development and such?


I assume it's this one, which has been up for a week I think. (thx Inatekken for letting us know)

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