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I changed a lot of things in the frame adv section (added mix-ups post SS+1, b+1+2 and f+1+2 and added magic 4 as an option where appropriate).

Tomorrow I will revise the mind games section (as some mind games are not really useful in a match against strong opponents), while I found that a post wall B! d+1 works great even against strong opponents (I started using d+1 instead of D+1 because qcf+1+2 being the only move with a crouchdash animation out of FC kinda made the mix-up too obvious. d+1 however gives you qcf+1+2 if they lie there and qcf+3+4 (which looks very similar at the beginning of the animation) for a high splat if they try to get up and low block thinking qcf+1+2 comes out.) Will elaborate this better tomorrow...