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A few more hints, that have been appearing in a few days...
But there's no new major announcement yet.

Hints on release date for TTT2 on consoles. It's right after SF x Tekken.

TAG2 Arcade ---> SF x TK ---> TAG2 console ---> TK x SF u got it ? RT @xocears: Wtf?? Tekken tag 2???

Hints on something new for the console version of TTT2.

We planning new system for console. RT @xJubilee: Hi Harada-San, will TTT2 have customization like TK6?


Harada also wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook, on his opinion towards fan requests. At the same time he explained the way he & other staff get feedbacks during the T1-T3 days.

He's also uploaded wallpaper based on the Lili vs Asuka artwork, that you've seen from the TGS trailer:

1920 x 1080

Btw, since everyone is reminiscing the TTT days...
There's an old article, on what the Tekken staff think about TTT.

(the post is now here, in this thread, after it being moved/merged)

credits: keits from SRK, noodalls

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