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This is an interview from the Tekken 5 mook, where they ask the developers about various games. I thought the TTT section was interesting. Actually, I translated this a good few years ago, but thought it was reasonably appropriate in this forum, given all the fondness that TTT is looked back upon with. Also should give everyone room for optimism, given that they've got at least a year up their sleeves for this one.

If the mods think this is in the wrong forum, could you at least leave a link in the articles and interviews

Text - Developers Interview
Source - Tekken 5 Guide Enterbrain Arcadia Mook pp191-2
Translation - Noodalls.

Now we reveal a secret from the development. The runaway TTT.
- The Tekken series is 10 years old, what was the toughest title in that time?
Kimoto - As you'd expect it was TTT, for the development span and various reasons it would be the toughest.
Yonemori - The problem of arcade and home platforms being completely different too.
Harada - To be honest, it probably wasn't the game that the Tekken project had hoped for, but we were quite lucky in that respect. It was a difficult game to deliver.

- How was it created?
Harada - At first we thought about doing a contnuation of the new systems from 3, but along the way the story changes to "Don't change the basics" in "a short space of time" make "a Tekken title" "that will sell."
Kimoto - Honestly, that's all we heard from the producers. We really didn't have a lot of direction.
Harada - We were really thrust into it. Because of that, the Tag feature as decided in about 3-5 minutes. I said as a joke "What if were have five buttons, and when you press them all, the character exits by the edge of the sceen, the game loads and the next character comes out. And if both characters press it at the same time, for a bit there'll be no-one on screen. Hahahaha" with a big laugh. The producers said "We'll do that." and the game was made from there.

- Inspite of which, you made such a popular game.
Harada - On tagging, the character runs away towards the edge of the screen, right? During development, when people saw that everyone bust out laughing. But, at the location test and after release the reception was good, and in Korea it even outsold Gran Turismo. It seems like it became a legendary game. I wonder why the people around the world didn't laugh at that. We see it as a bit of a gag, and it looks funny but is unavoidable, but didn't other people see it as amusing?
Yonemori - That was pissfunny. You hit with the upper then turn around and run (laughs.) There were also times in development were we had tagging by a command. 4 buttons is Tekken, five buttons seemed too much. But in the end it was impossible. Do a WGF then rotate the lever etc.

- There are some moves you just couldn't do that with.
Yonemori - The difficulty would be too high.
Kimoto - Also, when people came to assemble materials for the new game, their faces were incredibly obvious. "We're here to do materials for the new game, why's Tekken 3 sitting here?"
Harada - That was a very rushed project, it was too early to have anything decide anything. We hadn't decided to have two alternatve lifebars, or the scaling for the juggles, there was no plan, so it was left to the planners and designers to do as they pleased.

- The tag combos damage scaing etc. that was fairly legendary balance.
Harada - That was purely luck. It's not something you can aim for. Actually we were a little bit sour about that, after the harsh bashing that T4 received. In that way, TTT was lucky in so many ways.