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Katsuhiro Harada tweeted quite a lot during last weekend..

And he posted a few interesting hints.. about the upcoming game..

Regarding release date & whether it will use the same board as T6:

Plz wait next information !! RT @Marduk_Astaroth: Harada sama,TTT2 use SYSTEM357 or newtype PCB? Thanks!!

Sry plz wait. We should think about arcade manager's thing RT @sccatke: console's after3 months only of T5 arcade come out?

Regarding the game in general:

We will upgrade all character model !! RT @RocketANG: Just wanted to say that Asuka looks amazing in the TT2 trailer

Considering. but There are a lot of dissenting opinions, too(from fan). RT @Slit518: Create a character for future Tekken project? Yes?

Can't say now ! RT @jinSLADE hey does ttt2 have a storyline??? or is it just pure fighting???


Behind the scene stuff:

#1) Behind TTT2 Teaser. Extra scene. Official.

#2) Behind TTT2 Teaser. Extra scene. I ordered "LILI vs ASUKA" but my team artist misunderstood ... He draw "LEE".

#3) Behind TTT2 Teaser. Extra scene. Yeah, it's my order. Good job my team. Right? @Yoshi_OnoChin

Other news:

Um. please wait!! next SF x TK information first. RT @Dosa072000: when can we hear about tekken x street fighter? O.o

Sry can't say something about 3DS. RT @khemphoud Hello there! I wonder if you have any plan to make Tekken in 3DS?


Noodalls trim the TTT2 trailer, to show gameplay only:
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