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Originally posted by BlackPriest
WS+2, f+2, f+2, b1,2 B! f,f 3,2 is 67 dmg
WS+2, f+2, f+2, b1,2 B! qcf+3+4 is 66 dmg and better oki
CH 4, f,f,1, d/f+1,~SWY 1 B! f,f d+4:2:1+2 is 71 dmg
CH 4, f,f,1,2, b1,2 B! f,f d+4:2:1+2 is 74 and easier than d/b+2_qcf+1 followups after f,f+1

Will add these combos to the 1st post.


Ogre: Ok thanks, will edit this in the punish list.

I've actually noticed that every time I do the first combo you listed, WS+2, f+2, f+2, b+1,2 B!, I don't have to tap f,f to get the 3,2 - I can just do the 3,2 straight out because it leaves them close enough. I've never had to do f,f and I've always connected it. Just thought I'd add that little tidbit for those that don't want to have to dash in their juggle.
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