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WS+2, f+2, f+2, b1,2 B! f,f 3,2 is 67 dmg
WS+2, f+2, f+2, b1,2 B! qcf+3+4 is 66 dmg and better oki
CH 4, f,f,1, d/f+1,~SWY 1 B! f,f d+4:2:1+2 is 71 dmg
CH 4, f,f,1,2, b1,2 B! f,f d+4:2:1+2 is 74 and easier than d/b+2_qcf+1 followups after f,f+1

Will add these combos to the 1st post.


Ogre: Ok thanks, will edit this in the punish list.

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