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Originally posted by S.M.P
Excellent interview, and great idea to interview more combo legends Sithlord.

If the community were interested in another community act I wouldnt mind helping out or running the project since i didnt participate in the last one.. Now that the summer is over i have a lot more free time to get back into this.

Thanks man. I have more in mind but no one lined up just yet.

If you're interested in doing a community act, I suggest you start sending out PMs to respective parties (I can contact Deep Theater for you, if you like) and/or make a thread possibly in this forum or in T6 Gen and go from there.

Should the idea take flight, I have maybe 2 weeks worth of time to contribute. Although, I do have 1 combo already recorded (intended to be for a "clip collection" release) and several more I may do.
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