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Originally posted by noodalls

Here's a 60fps recording of uf+3+4 if it helps get the timing.

Good shit, I don't know if I'm seeing it right, but it looks like Heihachi isn't 100% not blue (not sure how to describe it) when compared to before the throw and after the throw. What's also interesting is that this "semi-blue" doesn't to be limited to Heihachi, but also looks like it's affecting Dragunov as well. I'm not sure if this is a PSP thing or what, but I can't be the only one to notice that.

I made a very unscientific set of frame captures as I don't immediately know how to pull out the individual frames, but I feel that it should get the point across.


If I had a single guess, I'd have to say that since both Heihachi and Dragunov are semi-blue, then there is some sort of glitch with the game. In this case I'd assume that the "blood" sprite (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprite...ter_graphics%29) created by the u/f+3+4 is creating a single light which (for whatever reason) is actually lighting up Dragunov and Heihachi. Normally, I would assume that whenever "hit analysis" is on, the character when unable to act will be "unlit" and be put through some type of blue color filtering, giving it that really unique look. Normally unlit textures aren't effected by any secondary lighting so they retain the same look, no matter where an object (in this case character) is placed (relative to lighting or anything at all). Now in this case it looks like, for whatever reason, neither character is unlit and when the sprite and light are generated. Instead it looks like a different type of overlay to the (normal) PS3 practice mode, hit analysis.

So here's a few questions (directed at everyone):
1) Was the original "lighting up" discovered on PSP?
2) Has anyone tested this on PS3 yet?

If yes to 2:
a) Do bother characters light up, similar to what has been seen on PSP?
b) Does this happen with any other moves (of any other character)?

If no to b:
i) Does this happen with any other throws (of any other character)?

I only ask this because I brought up my old qcf+4 oki video (from PS3) and when the impact sprites are generated, neither character seems to lighten/darken, they both seem to stay the same. Now granted the quality is poor but I don't see anything that would point to otherwise.
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