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Originally posted by Mishima Style! even if they make 2 different versions of the game it wont help bring the 2Ders and 3Ders together. The sf kids will play the 2d and the tekken kids will play the 3d.
I have a couple questions for you.

1) Did you think honestly believe that SF vs XMen -just- brought street fighter fans to the game? If so, your opinion is moot. If not, your opinion is moot. So pretty much your point is moot. Trick question, see
2) How would you bring two of the biggest fighting franchises in the world together? But then maybe you don't care. Never mind about many others who consider this a dream bout with way more interesting results and questions then say the combination of two 2D fighters or 3D fighters.

Sheesh, two friends want to make a couple games together and you get butt hurt before the game even hits or any real info is even released.
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