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Originally posted by tmd02

If I remember from yesterday, deep dash with f,f+4 buffer tracks right, whiffs left tech
Originally posted by BlackPriest
Tyler: Great testing! So what's your opinion so far? Is a post B! qcf+4 worth it or would it be better to just stick to the d/f+3 spike ender _ 3,1,2 for dmg?

Haha, so far my opinion is that qcf+4 leaves a lot to be desired, but with that being said, the non-d+2 options deal a ton of damage (if the opponent panics) that the d/f+3 series spike simply can't provide. I'm talking 50-90 damage on CH compared to about 20-40 that a refloat 3,1 would get you.

Let me do a theoretical scenario for you:
qcf+2, f+2,4, ff, 1,3,2, B! qcf+4 - 77 damage
dash in CH (d/f+2),1,2, iWS 4, ff, 1, ff, 1, ff, 1, f+4,4,3 - 69 damage

That alone is 146 damage, leaving the opponent with 34 hp, but oh wait, f+4,4,3 is wall carry, W! f,f+2, B! b+2, WS 1+2 - Don't have the exact number, but ~25-27 damage

So one bad mistake by the opponent later, the opponent is almost dead. Now obviously a good player isn't going to fall for this often, nor is a good player probably going to fall for it again in the match, but that's a good thing. That will set up your lower damage B! qcf+4, d+2, WS 4, d+4,4. Or vice versa, maybe you landed the d+2, WS 4... and they realize it's not guaranteed, therefore will start teching. Either way it's a chain of pain, for them which is what Dragunov lives for IMO. Once you get your opponent into a complacent shell, you can simply poke and prod your opponent to death as they'll be too afraid to give away big damage.

Things to notice:
1) The theoretical chain above is a tremendous amount of carry, my guess would be end to end on any stage, as such the combo could/would change. That's not a bad thing as you can change up the combo and still retain the damaging results, obviously it would be up to you to modify as you see fit.
2) CH (d/b+2),1,2, iWS 4 IMO is incredibly hard to land, if you think CH iWR 2, dash in, iWS 4 is difficult, you may want to stay clear of this combo
3) You might not want to use d/b+2,1,2 as CH baiting oki against a character with a i14 launcher for pretty obvious reasons
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