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f,f+2~1+2~b is actually very viable, it's one of the things I tested. Only problem is that wake up kicks might shut down your options afterwards.

Day 2 of post B! qcf+4 (ok, not quite day 2 but I've put about 5 hours in testing so far):
b+4,2 will not track on quick tech to Dragunov's right. Only way I could figure out to make it consistently track against both techs is to take a fairly large SS before b+4,2. Not the best but at least will stop both techs, not sure if the opponent could sneak out a WS attack in time since I haven't been able to do any real world testing.

Some other options I've found that track both way:
1,3,2 - Definitely not the best option, but it's possible that the 2 will hit them CH if they attack during wake up, not safe on block obviously.
Dash in d/b+2,1,2 - WS attack trap post tech, would be very hard to confirm but the damage potential is very high. Major drawback would be that d/b+2,1 is -10 and d/b+2,1,2 is -14.
Deep dash in d/b+3 - I know that someone said that d/b+3 won't track, but after a deep dash it will track to either way and grant the standard KND. What's interesting is that there's a frame or two where the d/b+3 can be ducked, I wonder if the execution/dash was a tad faster if it'd be unblockable. I should note that it's a fairly substantial deep dash in order to land d/b+3 post B! qcf+4, but if you can land qcf+2, f+2,4, ff 1,3,2 you should be able to perform the deep dash required.
f+4,d+4 - +frames on hit and leaves the opponent WS, sets up standard CH 1,2,1 hit confirm.
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