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Originally posted by BlackPriest
nothing more than a standing mix-up on tech) makes me pretty pessimistic. Do tech catches (aside from UB! catches) even exist in BR? Even tracking moves (like Drag's d/b+3 _ Paul's demo man) magically (even thoug at a distance where they should hit) whiff on tech, and if you do a small dash beforehand to throw the moves out in their face they can block it. I think opponents recover much faster on tech and can block low instantly...

When I was looking for non-tech re-bobbles I was namely thinking about Bryan, but he's special because his 50/50 is d/b+2 or taunt JU, and tracking isn't much of an issue with dash in taunt. Only possible options I could think of to counter tech might be u/f+4 and possibly SS b+4 strings though they may be a little to risky for my liking. I had a few more ideas but I'm drawing a blank right now and I'll probably think of them later. Sergei's unblockable has such piss poor tracking that I doubt it'll work as an option, but it's worth at least a test.

I haven't had a chance to test this yet, but I should hopefully get some time later today to test.

Originally posted by Cosmic_Castaway
1,2,1 W! b+1+2 B! b+2,1+2= 85+ damage (+damage if you splat with CH)

Definitely use post W! back dash 4,3 B!, free damage. Also 1,2,1 needs CH to W! since it's NCc
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