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^ Rechecked it, backroll is only a factor after ad/f+2, f+4,4,3, f+1, f,f+2, qcf+4 combo (in this combo due to the recovery distance after qcf+4 they are able to avoid the bobble status by backrolling; also in this combo qcf+4 pushes them away far enough to make the 2nd hit of d+4,4 miss), NOT in the qcf+2 combo above. Anything else than tech rolls results in a bobble status for another WS+4, d+4,4_d+4,1,3 mini combo, giving sick a total of 99_102 dmg.
I hope we can find something for tech rolls, but my experience with Paul and his qcf+3+4 ender (guaranteed qcb+1 for anything else than tech rolls _ nothing more than a standing mix-up on tech) makes me pretty pessimistic. Do tech catches (aside from UB! catches) even exist in BR? Even tracking moves (like Drag's d/b+3 _ Paul's demo man) magically (even thoug at a distance where they should hit) whiff on tech, and if you do a small dash beforehand to throw the moves out in their face they can block it. I think opponents recover much faster on tech and can block low instantly...