Expulsion of Fury
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Found more juice.

d/f+2, b+2,1, f+1,3,2 B! dash 3,1,2 = 63 damage and very consistent off axis to both ways (though not at angles around 90 ? and more like 2,1, f+1,3,2, for 60 damage, this works consistently even at 1 and a half sidesteps to the right and 2 full sidesteps to the left).

Post B! qcf+4 is the same damage than iWR+4 but gives better oki. d+4 is guaranteed after a post B! qcf+4 (and in some cases even more; see below), f,f+4 seems much harder (if not even impossible) to quickstand and block (but can be backrolled and obviously tech rolled), d+2 gives a bobble status if they don't backroll or tech immediately when they touch the ground, etc.

Flashy combos of the day:

qcf+2, f+2,4, f,f+2 B! qcf+4, d+4,4 = 82 dmg and consistent
WS+2, f+2,4, f,f+2 B! qcf+4, d+4,4 = 73 dmg and consistent