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Been messing around with post W! bind options, most notably "Maximizing Wall Damage". Haven't done this in a week, but I'll post what I remember.

Off-axis WS 1,3 W! SS (to wall) 4,3 B! f+3,3

Leaves the opponent BT and gives CH (f+2),4 4,3 B! f+3,3 style oki. Absolutely nasty if they guess wrong. Sets up b+2,1,3 WS 4 d+4,4 or 3,1 pick ups quite nicely if they tech wrong. Most obvious word of warning is against CH wake up 4 as it will probably W!, but I think it's well worth the risk if you play it smart. The damage potential is absolutely insane. I'll test it later this week but I completely forgot about it until right now.
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